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The idea started at 2009 by developing a database for designers, product designers and industrial developers. The plastics that are available ... Read more

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For making the right choice the library will expand the horizon of plastic knowledge, the insights in the application that will enhance ... Read more

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Plastic Fantastic Library will help designers and product developers to make plastic choices easier and accelerate innovations of manufacturers. The library has a wide range of plastics and is transparent in plastic comparison. In the future the library will add more innovative plastics that are recyclable and more sustainable. The expertise and access is globally available in the database and scouts the opportunities of tomorrow. This means that Plastic Fantastic Library acts as a catalyst for new plastics and product ideas. Plastic Fantastic Library shows new opportunities for new product development and optimization. Sustainable and environmental friendly plastics are the solution of tomorrow. Plastic Fantastic Library identifies trends, provides technical data of plastics, new plastics and state of the art plastic development by manufacturers. This will give a comprehensive overview of today’s plastics challenges and manufacturers. The Plastic Fantastic experts know the wide range of plastics and their manufacturers. They help you to create an environmentally friendly product and to choose the right plastic for your sustainable design by identifying new plastics and using tools in new product development solutions. This will support you with the strategic plastic solution that is matched with your product roadmap. You are in charge of the final plastic choice and the database will help and assist you.

The plastics experts are looking for innovative plastics that will push your design to an innovative level. On this level manufacturers are willing to share the new innovations with the plastic experts. They will filter the right information and the possibilities that are useful for the designers and product developers. The Plastic Fantastic experts are independent consultants and have a brought plastic knowledge and their applications. These experts are between the innovative manufacturers and product developers in the world. Bringing the knowledge where the new product generation is going to be developed. The plastics experts are willing to advice designers personally in new product development. Unfortunately designers are limited in their plastic choice that will make the products less innovative and less attractive for the customers. The look and feel experience is implemented in the experimental boxes that have themes to go with the look and feel of the box.

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