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The idea started at 2009 by developing a database for designers, product designers and industrial developers. The plastics that are available ... Read more

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Plastic fantastic library will help designers and product developers to make plastic choices easier and accelerate innovations of manufacturers ... Read more

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Terms and conditions of use: You have agreed with these terms and conditions by visiting and accessing this website ... Read more

For making the right choice the library will expand the horizon of plastic knowledge, the insights in the application that will enhance mechanical properties and eco-properties. The plastic library will differentiate your product by matching your idea, application, compared with other common materials and final new product development. Plastic Fantastic Library will recommend the best match to your new product design, increase the environmental choices and accelerate your new product development.

The way of working of the library; first you have to sign in and become a member of the Plastic Fantastic Library. When you are a member, you have online access to the world of plastics and an ever growing database of advanced, innovative and sustainable plastics. This custom made database allows to quick search or advanced search by properties, by application, technical and commercial name. The information that is provided can be used for further simulations or is complete for the right plastic to be implemented in your new product development. Joining the Plastic Fantastic Library will broaden your plastic horizon.

It is easy to subscribe, you only have to fill in your email address and type of organization you are working for. After registration you will have immediate free access to the database of Plastic Fantastic Library. If there are other requirements contact the Plastic Fantastic Library.

The Plastic Fantastic Library will stay on top of the world of the plastics and our new findings will be implemented in the database. Having a membership, you will get an overview of the plastics that are known in industry, find solutions and willing to use new plastics in your designs and be inspired. This database includes information about the eco-properties of plastics, this means; sustainable and cradle to cradle plastics, carbon footprint and recycle issues. Besides the known mechanical properties of each plastic, other properties are also worthwhile to investigate.

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